Reason to Give #1… Support Bellevue Public Schools district and students!

We wanted to kick off the countdown by reminding you just who Bellevue Public Schools Foundation is. We are a nonprofit that supports the Bellevue Public Schools district and its students year-round through scholarships, grants, and a variety of other initiatives. Our mission is to accelerate educational achievement for ALL students through the effective mobilization of innovation, relationships, and resources. 

Although we were still feeling the effects of COVID throughout 2021, the BPS Foundation is overjoyed to have given back more than $85,000 in support to students and staff. To see our 2020 – 2021 Annual Report, click here. You can give here. Every donation helps us support students!

Reason to Give #2… Scholarships!

In 2021, Bellevue Public Schools Foundation awarded more than $20,000 in scholarships to eight graduating seniors from Bellevue East and West. Helping these deserving students achieve their dreams by awarding scholarships is one of our greatest honors. 

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, our recipients were still celebrated with a catered at-home breakfast, in lieu of the Annual Bellevue Public Schools Foundation Scholarship Breakfast. 

Learn more about the 2021 recipients here.

Reason to Give #3… BPSF Kids’ Time!

Kids’ Time is a before-and-after school child care program for students enrolled in kindergarten through sixth grade, managed by the Bellevue Public Schools Foundation, in partnership with the BPS District. Children receive quality child care in each of Bellevue’s 15 elementary schools under the guidance of trained caregivers in a structured and fun atmosphere. We work tirelessly to make Kids’ Time a fun and safe environment that kids look forward to every day!

Reason to Give #4… Lied Activity Center!

The Lied Activity Center is an entity of the Bellevue Public Schools Foundation in partnership with the BPS District. The center provides a safe and effective space for the District’s children to be active and develop healthy physical habits. The facility offers basketball courts, volleyball courts, an indoor and outdoor track, a wellness room, a swimming pool, and a recreation/game area. Both students and staff are encouraged to use the center, and when not being used for school activities, is available for families and patrons of the Bellevue/Offutt Community. Additionally, the Lied Activity Center offers memberships to all Bellevue residents. As a member, guests are able to utilize the Lied Activity Center’s many features and receive special program and rental rates.

Reason to Give #5… Choral Festival! 

Although we weren’t able to host the 8-12 Choral Festival in 2021, this long-standing program is a beloved Bellevue tradition that brings together students from across the district for a day of musical enrichment each February.  Bellevue Public Schools Foundation recognizes the importance of supporting the arts and has proudly provided up to $3,000 to support event costs. We hope to see this fun event return in 2022. Check out our highlight video from the 2020 concert.

Reason to Give #6… Classroom Grants! 

Awarding Classroom Grants is one of Bellevue Public Schools Foundation’s signature initiatives. Each year, BPSF funds a variety of grants to enrich the educational experiences of students and teachers inside and outside of the classroom. The Classroom Grants program allows educators to obtain supplies, admissions, or access to resources that will enhance the student experience. These resources are designed to foster creativity in learning and provide innovative ways to engage students. Over the past two years, BPSF has awarded more than $70,000 in Classroom Grants. Learn more about our Classroom Grants here!

Reason to Give #7… Frank Kumor Career Center!

The late Frank Kumor was a community leader and long-time supporter of the Bellevue Public Schools Foundation as a board member. In his honor, in October 2021 the BPS Foundation made a $50,000 pledge to the Frank Kumor Career Center which hosts trade programs for BPS students. These programs enhance high school students’ education with real-life and relevant learning experiences in collaboration with local businesses, non-profits, and industry professionals. The center currently offers the following programs: Health Sciences Academy (Certified Nursing Assistant Program) and Transportation Distribution and Logistics (Automotive Maintenance Program). 

Reason to Give #8… BPSF Alumni Association!

The Bellevue Public Schools Foundation manages the BPSF Alumni Association. BPSF not only maintains the association’s database, but assists in reunion planning, alumni fundraising, produces an alumni newsletter, and a variety of other efforts. The Foundation works hard to not only support BPS students while they are in the District but create a meaningful experience after graduation.

You can register for the BPSF Alumni Association Database here.

Reason to Give #9… New Playgrounds! 

Bellevue Public Schools Foundation works closely with the district to help fill major funding gaps as they arise. Although this program was put on hiatus in 2021, helping to fund a new playground at Twin Ridge was one of the special projects we completed in 2020. This new addition to the school allowed students to have a fun and safe environment to spend their recesses and other free time. Twin Ridge’s equipment was just one of the playgrounds that we have refurbished since this initiative started and we can’t wait to pick up where we left off!

Reason to Give #10… Support for the Band Program!

Each fall, students from the middle schools’ band programs join the high school bands at a joint performance during a football game. As an avid supporter of the District’s Band Programs, we are honored to play a role in the purchase of t-shirts for each middle school performer and provide additional support to the district’s AMAZING bands as needs arise. Participating in the BPS Band Program is a very proud moment for everyone involved!

Reason to Give #11… Manage Memorial and Honorary Scholarship Funds!

In addition to the $20,000 in scholarships that the BPS Foundation awards each spring, we also oversee more than 30 family funded memorial and honorary scholarship funds, including the Frank Kumor Memorial Scholarship. In 2021 the BPS Foundation also partnered with Bellevue University to offer two full-ride scholarships to BU for a Bellevue East and Bellevue West High School student. Helping to facilitate these funds allows a greater number of students in a variety of career paths advance to higher education. These scholarships help deserving students achieve their dreams. Awarding scholarships is one of our greatest honors!

Reason to give #12… Overall Relationship Building and Support!

Sometimes it’s the small contributions we make that add up exponentially! Building and fostering relationships by providing staff recognition gifts, offering gift cards to Kids’ Time families for a variety of reasons, assisting with special event support and staffing, giving social media shout-outs, promoting other community nonprofits, and a plethora of other small yet meaningful contributions make a difference. These small contributions are not only fiscally responsible, but go a long way to support and strengthen the BPS district for countless future generations to appreciate along the way. These efforts help us accomplish our mission to accelerate educational achievement for ALL students through the effective mobilization of innovation, relationships, and resources.

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