In His Words

Adam Johnson
Bellevue Public Schools Foundation 2021 Scholarship Recipient

Receiving the Bellevue Public Schools Foundation Scholarship is huge! It helps to give me peace of mind knowing that I will be able to afford college. It will allow me to focus on my classes, and really enjoy the college experience, as opposed to worrying about money.  

I always knew that I would go to college. I like learning and being challenged. After my fourth concussion I knew that sports was not going to be my long term future, but those injuries did help me because they helped push me in the direction of sports medicine.  These injuries have led me to find a career that would allow me to combine two of my passions-sports and science. I plan to major in human biology as a pre-med student. I think working with athletes with sports related injuries is something I would enjoy and look forward to going to work everyday.

As a high school student, football was the single thing that influenced and taught me the most. As an incoming freshmen, there was nothing more that I wanted to do than to play Varsity football. Everything had started on the right track when I was pulled up as a freshman and as a sophomore to play occasionally on Friday nights. However, with these celebrations also came much adversity. Throughout my high school football career, I have had multiple injuries including four concussions and an MCL knee injury.  Last year, as a junior I had a substantial weight loss that forced the coaches to move me to a new and unfamiliar position on a different side of the ball. 

All of these things, including Covid-19, had my starting position in jeopardy for my senior season. Ultimately, my commitment and perseverance to this team won me my spot on the offensive line and I started in every game of the season. Not only did I get a starting spot, but I was voted on by all of the coaches to receive the Bellevue West Community Award which was awarded to the player who showed the most and best sportsmanship throughout the season.

Through these four years of football, I have racked up countless hours going to summer workouts, morning lifts, and daily practices. This was done, not only to better myself, but to better my teammates and help us in being a more successful team. This experience, along with many others has helped shape me into the student I am today. I am hard working, committed, and don’t give up easily once I set my sights on something. There are lots of people who have influenced me in my life. 

Most importantly are my parents. They pushed me to work hard in and out of school, they encouraged me, and made sure that all of my basic physical and mental needs were met. My brother and sister taught me how to be a good friend, and they were arguably my biggest fans during all of my sporting events. My dog, Samson provided me comfort and love for the last 15 years. I have had so many amazing teachers and coaches that kept me intrigued and wanting to learn. I am thankful for them all!

family with football player after a football game
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