In His Words

David Berger | Bellevue West Scholarship Recipient

Receiving the BPS Foundation scholarship greatly aids in my future plans of becoming a hospital pharmacist. My goals make it necessary to attend a graduate school following a Bachelor’s degree and so cutting costs as much as possible for my time as an undergraduate is a near-necessity for me. In the fall I’ll be attending The University of Nebraska-Lincoln as a pre-health major due to their close connections with The UNMC School of Pharmacy and the prestige of that program. I’ll be furthering my education because I want to continue fueling my curiosity for discovering connections within scientific fields and putting those discoveries to use.

Although these subjects fascinate me greatly, the most influential aspects of my learning at Bellevue West have been more conceptual than academic. The danger of a complacent mindset and the idea of putting forth effort on the seemingly meaningless because “how you do anything is how you do everything” have shaped the way I look at all which I do. Knowing the importance of shaping my own path and being true to my own ambitions in conjunction with the “actual learning” I’ve done have made me confident that I am on the path to an enjoyable and sustainable future. 

male high school student wearing a brown shirt and shorts sitting, posing for a senior photo