In His Words

Jaylen Bittner | Bellevue East Scholarship Recipient

Receiving this scholarship has to be one of the most surprising, overwhelming, and humbling events to happen to me. With this opportunity, I plan to use it to my best ability. Books and school supplies will be my main concern in college. Joining the National Guard will take care of most of my tuition, but this will be a boost of confidence to push me toward my goal of becoming a successful physical therapist. Knowing I’ll have my supplies taken care of takes away a burden on my shoulders.

One of the many things I’ve learned from high school that I’ll carry with me to the next chapter of my student career is just to not to let the negative things in life be your downfall; even negatives can be positives. It’s a learning experience in all the ways I choose to use it.

I’d like to thank my mother and dad for sculpting me into the person I am and for giving me their never-ending love. I thank my grandma for her overwhelming motivation and support that makes me the best me. Last but not least, I am thankful to my friends and teachers for constantly keeping me on track to be a successful and lively adulthood…and a SCHOLARSHIP!